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Under the Mess and the Business

Oatmeal canister dropped all over kitchen counter
A glimpse of the messes this week

(I wrote this 5 days ago and forgot to publish it; very fitting given the subject matter. It's along the same thinking as another post this week. Just in scrolling my phone pictures, the one above taken 4 days ago perfectly captures the types of messes this week besides the laundry.)

Some days, I'm on top of the world.

Other days, I open the washer to find a musty, crusty wad of clothes, and I can't remember what day I put the load in. That was today. To be fair, I don't do that very often.

Being back on calendars, I'm adjusting my relationship to it.

I've often let my business run me. No more. I'm limiting my appointment days again like I used to do, and I'm not taking walk-ins anymore.

After being off with the kids so much for the past couple of months, I'm not liking the thought of giving every ounce of energy and time back to my shop and missing out on my children's growing-up years.

So while I am not going to leave brides and prom girls high and dry, I will funnel all the appointments back into the days that work for me for now and set limits to my commitments there.

We can make money at any time of life, but we only get one chance to raise our kids.


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