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Fried Disappointment

Child 1 had an orthodontist appointment today. He's a little old for the fun traditions from his not-so-distant young childhood. Nevertheless, I stopped at the traditional hot dog stand. The one we don't have in Peru, IN.

I remember the fried mushrooms being better there than at other establishments. I know my memory is right. The mushrooms used to be sliced and have a smoother breaded coating the outside.

So... that's not what appeared at my window.

What appeared were the $4.99 freezer section mushrooms from the grocery store. Fry-burnt to a greasy crisp, with very little salt or flavor, and rolled in Lake Michigan sand for the final coating, and definitely not grocery store prices.

Oh, well. I ate them as I resolved to be done with that establishment--at least regarding the fried lumps of mushrooms.

I'll still go there for a Chicago dog and a frothy root beer--unless that has turned into a cup of disappointment. Hmm, I'll have to find out.

Fried mushrooms
Fried mushrooms according to AI


I know it's been a long--a very long--time since I wrote last. I won't attempt to explain all that has happened in the past few months besides just my normal life of real estate, lots of it, raising my children, and dancing my heart out with ballroom dancing.

There's more, but that's for another day.

For ballroom dancing, I worked for months with my instructor on a routine he choreographed. The routine itself is only about 2 minutes long, and the work that goes into making it work is monumental compared to such a short show time.

And it's totally worth the effort!

Parenting looks so much different now than a few years ago. I love being able to have rational conversations with my teenagers, and they are growing up in their understanding. They make me laugh often, too, just at their humorous perspective on life.


And it's morning now. A beautiful, crisp morning filled with birds chirping, and a piping hot, rejuvenating cup of coffee which is anything but a cup of disappointment.


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