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Love is What Feels Like Home

A friend commented to me yesterday that his house has never felt like a home. Hmmm... I can relate.

Thinking back on the moves I've made as an adult, each successive house felt less like home even though it was nicely appointed. In talking, we both concluded that it's having people in our homes that make them feel like home.

In my first house as an adult, I had lots of people over all the time--family, friends, strangers. The more, the merrier. I absolutely loved having people over to share my space.

That happened less and less with time and growing a business, then moving. Now, even though I love the space I have, it won't truly feel like home until the door hinges wear off from having company over.

In that sense, I think any house can be a home, and a home really is just any space in which love is shared with others.


I spent my Labor Day laboring. That's life right now, and it's okay. I finished out the day with family and ice cream, both always good to have around.


I'm involved with another play. This time I have to sing and dance and remember where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to say. Any one of those is easy by itself. All together at the same time? Oof! It's hard!

If hard things make one grow, then I have been growing by leaps and bounds.


This may sound silly, but I love feeling my dangly earrings bounce around as I move. It makes me feel so feminine and fun.


And one more thought: it's okay to feel feelings. I've had to learn that as an adult. I had become used to shoving feelings aside because I didn't know what to do with them.

The other day, an incident happened that immediately made me angry from a very deep place inside, the place where integrity dwells. This particular incident indirectly called my integrity into question, and I couldn't help the immediate swell of anger.

However, I was told it wasn't right to be angry about it.

Midwest Nice Me would say, "okay, you're right, stuff the feelings back in the place where integrity dwells and where they can't see the light of day." Always be nice, always be agreeable.

New Me says it's okay to be angry at the right things, and those who know me personally know that I don't get ruffled over very much. It has to be a big deal for me to waste time and emotion on getting angry.


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