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Is Soup Supposed to Look Like That?

What do you make with frozen pumpkin? Besides the obvious, and best, choice, the choice which taunts me in hind sight: pumpkin bread.

You make pumpkin soup.

Normal pumpkin soup is a pleasing, puréed blend of roasted pumpkin, broth, seasonings, and heavy cream.

That was the vision I had in mind when I started, but... I also needed to use a tote-ful of greens because they were best by 2 days ago.

BunnBunn helped me by eating half of those.

The rest were pan-fried in avacado oil. Do you know, the last time I went to get olive oil at the grocery store, they were out of every last one? Not just out, but there were not even any placeholders on the shelves where they should be!

So I have avacado oil. It looks healthy.

I added in my roast pumpkin, broth, and seasonings. Then came blendering time.

Can food get angry and turn green like the Hulk? This did!

Green goo. Supper was green goo.

With cream.

I should have made pumpkin bread.

Green soup
For best flavor, consume with eyes closed.


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