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A Mimosa is Just a Breakfast Screwdriver

I recently heard a someone say to ask yourself What is the best that could happen? instead of asking about the worst that could happen. It's a fantastic way to keep on the sunny, positive side of life--which is the side I like.

Today is just a random collection of thoughts:

  • This is from Kara, my almost 13-year-old, precocious daughter: "People that play golf look like they're ready to sell you car insurance." Ha! She's right!

  • I love to mess up the words to songs. Why sing it right when you can sing it wrong for fun? Back in Black is turned into Beck in Black as an ode to yours truly--and I wear black often enough to belt it out in truth. Living On a Prayer can be Tripping Up the Stairs, Falling Off a Chair, Standing On a Pear, Chopping Off My Hair, Sending Up a Flare, or any number of fun combinations of an -ing verb and a prepositional phrase in which the noun rhymes with air.

  • There's nothing like seeing 4 nice-looking Air Force dudes strolling into Dairy Queen to make me crave a burger and Blizzard at that exact moment. That was last Saturday, and I happened to be dolled up at the moment. Perfect timing.

  • If you haven't had any good nightmares lately, check out the possibilities of AI singularity. Singularity is when the decision-making capabilities match that of a human, but with AI, there's no limit to the learning capacity. An obvious question is what biases it will have. I'm sure it's not programming itself to be all-loving, all-gracious, all-forgiving, all-merciful, all-benevolent.

  • My teenagers are in the all-knowing stage of life. I remember that time. Couldn't believe how little my parents knew. I was sure I had a mature perspective on every issue, and I could solve every problem when I was 14 or 15. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for letting me live to adulthood! And yes, you're welcome to say: "See? I told you so." I've had to eat my share of humble pie since then.

  • Our bunny is shedding about a 1/2 bunny a day. He's still cute though. That's his saving grace as piles of soft bunny fur waft into the air at the slightest disturbance in the room. I almost have to sneak up on it with the vacuum. A broom just throws it up and around like confetti.

  • Going to any store with my 2 children still feels as chaotic now as when they were 2 & 4 years old. They are 12 & 14. I checked out today the first time with a pile of items, and promptly remembered afterward that, in all the chaos they created, I'd totally forgotten the one item I stopped to buy in the first place. Sigh. Back through the store for the one item, plus a few more my children heaped on me. They are perfect salesmen--or I'm perfectly gullible with them. Maternal love blocks my seeing the B.S. clearly in the moment.

  • When did garbage food start costing $10/person? We went to the B&K Root Beer stand after the dentist appointments today. Hot dogs on a warmed over bun with poppy seeds smashed into it. Plus freezer-section crinkle fries with fake cheese glop. It was a fun time with my children anyway. Windows down--except Kara's. She's weird about having her window down. Sunroof all the way back. Perfect weather today. Well, earlier today, it was perfect. The sky is overcast now.

  • My kids think I'm old. I remember thinking my mom was old when I was their age. Funny how the marker for what is old keeps moving farther down the line with each year. My marker is at 125 years now.

  • And lastly on this random string of thoughts: A mimosa is just a breakfast screwdriver. The polite person's way to start drinking by 8:00a. and get away with it.

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