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Think Space, Peace Space

Blank calendar
Black-and-white looks whimsical.

"Activity suggests a life filled with purpose.” That was Captain Von Trapp’s line in The Sound of Music.

I see that saying play out in normal times as people, myself included, cram our calendars full of every activity under the sun. How many of those filler activities are meaningless ultimately?

Now that many normal activities are starting to resume after the quarantine, I’m very reluctant to go back to that crammed calendar.

Being away from the noise of that crammed calendar, able to think, to sleep full nights during what is normally a sleepless month business-wise, drinking morning coffee on the deck with the birds chirping, going on spontaneous walks and bike rides with my children, seeing the sun shining into my house during the day, soothing a child dealing with a headache when I normally would be sewing frantically…

All this has stripped the layers of gunk clouding my mentality. I couldn’t think beyond survival.

My purpose is to be the best wife and mom I can be.

We’re still in the child-raising season of life. We get 18 short summers with our kids, and this year will be the 11th for the oldest one. Eek!

With that unearthed sense of purpose comes a renewed set of boundaries for my business. Anyone who runs a business can attest to how easy it is to let that business take over every aspect of life, morning, noon, and night.

Well, I’m done with that!

I’ve put up new boundaries for my business; I will be available during certain days and times, but not every day, or just any time.

I have to structure my week in the best way to benefit my family and keep me with my children as much as possible. Raising them isn’t easy; there are times I want a break; but I have never once regretted spending time with them.

Good-bye, crammed calendar. Not going to miss you.

Hello, white space. Think-space. Peace space.


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