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De-Jungling the Yard

11:00 in the morning.

This morning was a different version of the usual morning chaos. One child is home from school today, and the other goes in a little later, so I spent the best minutes of my day just snuggling with each of them before the day sped away from us.

I could do that all day long. It never, ever gets old.

So often, I question whether I'm good enough: good enough as a mother, good enough as a real estate agent, good enough in general. Then we have a morning like this that patches together any ruffled feathers of the day before.

Sometimes I wonder if there are any ways I'm making my own children feel like they're not good enough for me, whether it's a tone of voice, in my words, or with my actions. Just a reminder to me to make sure they know they have an unconditional spot in my heart for the rest of time.


I'm at the office for a bit putting out the fires that needed to be tended for the morning. I have plenty more to do after an appointment this afternoon.

Sometimes, professionalism is just the diplomatic way to tell someone to stick it in their ear.


When we moved into the Stinky House, the backyard was an absolute jungle. A single grape vine had taken over half the garage, most of the fence, and had draped itself so much over a red bud tree that I didn't even know it was there.

Some friends pulled out most of that vine, and Mr. Y cut down the red bud tree. The grape vines had choked it to death.

We also had a gigantic pile of brush leftover from the previous owners. If we lived in the country, I would have just set a match to the whole pile. In town, we can't quite do that, so I took small armfuls over to my new fire pit (the one Kal made) and was able to burn through it all one night that way.

I had tulips buried under all that mess. Why do people leave all that junk? Of course, I've asked that question plenty of times concerning this house.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures. The after picture of the garage will have to wait for the next time I mow.

Backyard before de-jungling

And what would you do with this pile?

Bye, bye, brush pile!

All that is left of the jungle


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