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You Had Me at Fibonacci

Fibonacci Spiral from Wikimedia Commons

Happy Fibonacci Day! Numbers fascinate me. Math is organized and predictable. It's right, or it's wrong, nothing in the middle. Black and white. Perfect.

How do you celebrate Fibonacci Day? Maybe eat 1 cookie, then 1 more, then 2 more, then 3 more, then 5, then 8, then 13, then 21... You get the idea.

Just don't do celebrate with shots that way.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I've been running since 5:00 this morning. Put 225 miles on the car between real estate, personal, and self-care.

Dancing classes fall into the self-care category now--especially since I don't spend much other money on myself beyond living expenses.

Some of our out-of-state family came back to Indiana for a few days. God bless my brother and sister-in-law from South Carolina, and please warm them up. They're freezing.

My Wisconsin sister and brother-in-law are fine running around in tee shirts.

We'll have some Michiganders here for the weekend also. Same story.

We went from bone-chilling lows of 14F degrees a few days ago to highs around 60F degrees today. Even with that, we have to scrape the ice off the windshield in the morning.


I always wonder what BunnBunn is thinking. He doesn't say much. He actually doesn't say anything. Since he doesn't tell me, I just fill in the thought bubbles for him.

Sometimes, I think he's laughing at the kids and me. Other times, he has an eye-roll. That's what I imagine anyway.

Now I'm off to finish a few things before bed. It's been such a pleasant Fibonacci Day.


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