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Will Work For Cinnamon Rolls

We have a huge pan of cinnamon rolls, given to us by my sewing friend, Becky. She doesn't like cooking, but she can make a mean batch of cinnamon rolls.

These tantalizing rolls sat on the counter in a teasing way while we prepared dinner. The kids begged and begged for them, but to no avail.

At last, dinner being over, they thought they could dig in to the wonderful delicacy. Nope. Sergeant Mom put the whole family to work, saying they could have the treat once the work was done.

I set the timer for half an hour. Wouldn't you know it? It was as if the kids had pixie dust on them. No whining or complaining, just helping at full-speed, which is rare to see here.

All of us set to work with the various jobs: folding and putting away a load of laundry, switching out the laundry in the machines, starting a new load, putting away miscellaneous schtuff from the day, unloading the dishwasher, reloading it with the dirty dishes, and putting away the food.

Fifteen minutes. When we're all going full speed and not whining (whining about and dreading a job take more time than doing it), we can fly through the work! Happy mommy here. Even our house is smiling.

The kids are smiling, too. They earned their cinnamon rolls. Thank you, Becky!


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