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What's In That Little Bunny Head?

What ARE you thinking, little wabbit?

Ginger the Bunny continues to be my study buddy. I'll have a few weeks of intense work, but I love feeling the warmth of her little body on my lap and stroking her soft fur.

She's good at discovering new things, such as the speaker cords that we so negligently left at her level. She's as curious as a cat. Always hopping over to check out something new, peering up over something on her hind legs (called periscoping), and constantly twitching her nose.

She's a little furry bundle of joy, though the joy is a little hard to find when she finds an edge of carpet and works very diligently at destroying it.

When she's had enough of us, she's eager to get back into her little house and watch us through the gridwork of bars. She actually has some personality the way cats and dogs do.

I just fill in the blanks that I see in her thought bubbles over her head:

  • "Would you guys just let me chew for a minute... on whatever I want?"

  • "Hay, what's that over there? Get it? Hay?!"

  • "I like sticks."

  • "What are you doing putting this tubey thingy in the middle of my house? I said I wanted it over here!" She has a toilet paper tube to play with and it has to be at the side of her crate, not in the middle.

  • "La, la, la, la, la... I can't hear you!"

  • "Will you just put me on solid ground already? I've clawed all of you, and you don't take a hint!"

  • "Ooo, turnip. My favorite!"

  • "I'm happy! I'm playing pinball. I'm the pinball."

  • "I told you I don't want to be in the harness! Maybe if I squirm enough, you'll give up."

  • "Umm, guys? I could use a little help over here cleaning out my toilet."

  • "Poop? What poop? Wasn't me!"

  • "Kara, you awake? Time to wake up and pay attention to me."

  • "And this is how you take a bath. You lick your paws. Wait, you don't have paws. Well, I lick my paws and rub behind my ears. Then I lick my haunches. All clean!"


Remembory: the fun way to combine remember and memory. I love making up words for the fun of it.

This is one I used on Kara yesterday when she and I had differing memories about an event. If you ask her, my remembory of it was totally wrong.


Making up words and filling in bunny thoughts are fun diversions from the normal cares of the day. Part of what creates some joy and laughter, though my family doesn't think any of my jokes are funny.

That's fine. I just fill in the thoughts in my own head and snicker away. Snort, snort, chortle!


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