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Wedding Dress Scramble, Getting Ready for School, and Ikea

September and October are the new June for the bridal industry. We're scrambling to get wedding dresses finished and out the door. That makes doing anything else a long shot.

I heard the announcer on the radio this morning mention that some male baseball player, a first-time father, just came back from maternity leave. Oops. You mean paternity, right? Just a little giggle for today.

Our school morning rush today wasn't quite as bad as a normal school morning rush. Even though we have the goal every day of having bags packed and papers signed and water bottles filled the night before, it's on me to make sure all that actually happens.

I'm not God: speak and it appears. I'm Mom: speak, then check, then check again, then reiterate what I said to do, then revoke privilege 1, check again, privilege 2 is on the line... It's exhausting.

Now we're holding out on any screens at night until they're set up for the next day. Somehow that has fixed their hearing for now.

Not my picture, but it puts stars in my eyes.

I find people either love Ikea or hate it. I love it. And I have a giant list ready to take with me tomorrow for a fun-filled time of browsing various organizing systems. Ordering online is okay sometimes, though I prefer always to see and touch what I'm buying. Returning items is just a bunch of fussiness I don't need right now.

Item number 1 on my list is a kitchen island. I found what I think I want and marked out a masking tape outline on the floor. That made Kris want to lie down and do the dead-man's pose. It does look like the chalk outline in movies.

After living with the rectangle on the floor, I'm convinced the size is good for our kitchen. If not, we'll use it somewhere else.

Enough writing for now. I need to get back to the wedding dress scramble.

Pray for me.


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