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We Don't Draw Butts

I have these notebooks I started for my kids when they were babies. It's where I write down special or funny things they do, or important moments.

I started the notebooks because when we were growing up, Mom always said, "We ought to write that down," whenever someone did something funny or cute, except we never did.

Now, Kris and the kids are having fun going back and reading the notebooks.

One of Kal's early drawings was of a butt. Don't ask me where he got that notion, but at 3 years old, I had to laugh then tell him we don't draw butts. Still, I saved the picture back in his notebook.

Kara gave herself a haircut one day as a toddler.

Another haircut was from a problem-solving session. Kara had marshmallows stuck in her hair. I've always told the kids to try solving their own problems before coming to me about it. Well, the one time they listened, their solution was to cut the marshmallow out of her hair. Sigh. They did do exactly what I said.

Other pages are filled with cute sayings:

  • Coupon pie instead of pecan pie

  • Poctopus instead of octopus

  • It's am instead of it is

  • Headeck instead of headache

One day Kara threw her orange peels on the floor, and when I asked her why, she said it was for the dogs. We didn't have any dogs.

Also, they would purposely fall off the swings onto the ground and say, "Mommy, help! I fell in the hot wava!" I think every kid has played the hot wava (lava) game at some point.

I'm so glad now to go back and read these stories. They connect us with so much love, good memories, and laughter.


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