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Lake Day

Well, I messed up the past two days with skipping writing.

Anyway, here's a recap of the weekend, plus every mother's struggle to get out the door for anywhere. Going to tennis or packing for vacation--it's about the same amount of work.

Then you have to deal with reluctant attitudes that manifest in various ways. For us, it comes out as, "Mooooommm, why do we have to do that?" Not just once, but about 50 times per item in question. That takes time. One child in particular has a hard time accepting the explanation for anything, so this scenario is a trial of my patience every day.

Getting out the door on Saturday meant packing enough for fun on the lake. Kara is actually the one who remembers all the junk to bring. Towels, sunscreen, band-aids, dry clothes, water bottles, chap stick, goggles, snacks for the car. She's always preparing. The band-aids pop in everywhere because she hates to get a cut and be ill-equipped to deal with it.

Saturday was hotter than that famously hot place, but it didn't feel so bad to us because of being on the lake.

Captain Kal got his first run driving a boat. It was during the slow hours, otherwise, I wouldn't have been okay with it.


The kids also went tubing for the first time. Neither of them flipped out, but they bounced quite a bit. Cousin Britt drove the boat like a crazy lady to give them a good ride.

A fish for the fish stories.

Kal also caught a fish! I had to run into the convenience store for the bait. For a woman, picking up the bait bowl is akin to picking up a dead mouse. I had to swallow the vomit and just pay for it. Kal took it from there.

Kal was also on his own for handling the fish and throwing it back in the water. I'm not touching a fish, either, unless it's for survival.

Sunday after church was a lazy day. The house needed attention, but I ignored it for once and just rested. I had forgotten what naps feel like. Had a nice, long one on Sunday.

We had a fairly decent amount of wind from a storm. Lots of branches down. One huge branch landed outside our front door, but did no damage.

Storms remind us how to pray. It was actually pretty scary the way it blew in like an angry hag, knocked things down, then scampered off as if nothing had happened at all.

The kids and I prayed for Kris, who was out at the moment, and for the county in general, plus our own home. I kinda want to stay here.


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