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Trampoline Fun Finally; Plus Comcast Stinks

Boing, boing, boing

Monday was a mix of orthodontist appointments for both children, Dog-n-Suds, Kal buying a gift for Kara, finding a trampoline deal, and arguing with Comcast over a bill for two months of service I didn't receive.

I think they are a subsidiary of Satan.

They still won't take off that portion. Instead, I got a lecture about being responsible from the woman on the other end.

Part of me wants to write a check and spit on it, but that doesn't do anything except punish the poor fellow opening the envelope. It's not his fault.

Don't worry; I won't do that. But when I'm mad enough, thoughts like that cross my mind.

Kal has no metal in his mouth anymore. He was excited to get the lingual arch out. He's lost enough baby teeth, and has the permanent molars coming in, that the arch was no longer necessary.

I love seeing Kal treat his sister so well. He had a set amount of money he brought with us to spend on her during the interim between orthodontist appointments. We went to Walmart after filling bellies with over-priced hot dogs, burgers, and cheesy fries.

The West Lafayette branch is okay. Didn't have the icky, funky, unfriendly feel that some others do.

Kara had about 8 different things in the running for what she wanted. I had to help her narrow her focus. 8 things are too many to see all at once. Just compare 2 at a time. Do you like this or that better?

Slowly the choice became clear which toy she wanted more than the others as one particular toy kept winning over the others.

Kal is a sweetheart.

Part of Monday also was stumbling upon a deal for a trampoline for the kids. We've been looking for weeks, but all the stores were out, even online. So the trip back home was filled with the kids telling Dad all about the trampoline.

Monday was a cold, blustery day as May goes, so we put off building that trampoline. Tuesday morning, that was all the kids could talk about.

When they talk about something, it's not just their mouths moving. They use their entire body to talk. For this, it was loud chatter mixed with hopping up and down on one foot in excitement. And the question every 2 minutes: when are we going to build the trampoline?

There would be no peace at RanchoMarko until we built that trampoline.

I pulled muscles I didn't know I had trying to get that jumpy part stretched across the entire frame. It's all assembled now, though. Hurray, hurray.

Kara spent all day out there. First jumping, then laying down to see her shadow cast on the ground under the trampoline, then camping out under the trampoline on a blanket.

She has about 43 different plans already for the fun to be had with various friends in relation to the trampoline. Besides the normal jumping, that is.

Reading in the shade underneath. Sleeping under the stars. Picnics above or below. New flips. Eek.

Kal was out there jumping for awhile, then came in because of a headache. I hate that he gets a headache whenever the weather changes. I wish I could take it on for him.

We did get some sweet moments together though. He laid down with his head on my lap and fell asleep. Best part of my day.

Watching my children sleep melts away the frustrations, anger, and any other ill feelings that came up during the day. They still look like babies when they're sleeping.


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