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Time Doesn't Care About Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time. Daylight fake time. All Spring, Summer, and early Fall, I mentally adjust the time to real time anyway. It's like being trapped in an alternate universe and being fully aware of the situation yet lacking the power to change it.

Today was the sort where everybody in the neighborhood was out walking, biking, or doing yard work. All the kids were playing basketball or racing on bikes to their friends' houses. I love the day winter hibernation is over, and we see that, yes, everyone is alive and well.

Kal and his buddy played soccer around the yard with Kara joining them at times. They also broke in Kal's new basketball.

Kara finished e-learning today. Every parent I talk to just loves e-learning days. Not really. I couldn't even remember how to multiply fractions, but as soon as I looked it up, 4th grade math came back to me in a flash. Hopefully, Kara understands it now, too. At least we were able just to solve the problem instead of slogging through the Common Core method of 13 steps around to take 2 forward.

Our backyard is that in name only, but I trekked through the mud to burn the burnables that had built up over several weeks. Among the ashes from before, I saw a piece of mahogany wood that had been charred but not burnt up.

Go ahead and laugh at me: I pulled out that piece of wood, knocked off the charred parts, and am in the process of carving it up. I'm seized with the notion of making something beautiful out of charred firewood. Beauty from the ashes.

Tonight was the start of a book study at church. The Bait of Satan by John Bevere is the book, and it's about avoiding the deadly trap of offense. The closer the relationship, the more potent the offense.

I haven't joined book studies for years just because it's hard to do much extra when we're raising children. This one seemed important to me, though. Clinging to offense gives way to bitterness and hatred, which is not who I want to be.


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