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The Un-Tornado


The emoji with the wide open eyes and a look that says "Eek!" is appropriate every time I step into my daughter's room to clean it.

I had been avoiding the disaster for most of the week. Today, I said "Eek!," then gulped and dug into the project. More like an excavation.

To skip to the end of the story, her room is habitable again and smelling nice. Disaster areas tend not to smell very pleasant.

Kal's room got the works after Kara's was finished. Smelling nice again, too.

The help I get from the children during these major projects is more like just teaching them the thought process, as they do a token task or two, and I whirl around like an un-tornado.

You know those fancy pre-moistened packs of dust cloths? Some people splurge on fancy coffee or getting their nails done by a papered professional.

I splurge on fancy pre-moistened packs of dust cloths. I use my Norwex for normal days... (Um, what is normal about a day that we actually dust?) ...but I love the scent of chemical cleaners every now and then. It just smells clean--that along with the absence of dust and dirt and gunk.

I un-tornadoed the main floors after dinner tonight. Like it or not, this is mud season.

We also had an impressive collection of glop and slop on the kitchen floor. I mopped a few days ago with the normal mop (if mopping can be called normal around here), but I decided this time needed the hands-and-knees type of mopping. That's when I actually see what the kickplates look like under the cabinets. Oh, my. Could have done without that sight. They're clean now anyway.

And I can walk with bare feet on my floors again.

Tomorrow, we (who am I kidding?) will un-tornado the bathrooms, and that will set us up for the week with a relatively clean house.

As a bonus for the week, our cars are actually clean. One was already good, and the other was a race against the time it took Kris to shower and shave yesterday before a fun night with friends.

Just about all the stuck-on messes I found in the car are lost to the imagination as to what catastrophe happened to leave its mark there. Anyway, I vacuumed and wiped everything down before Kris was ready to go. Ha!

The clock trick works for getting me motor-vated and moving. I know the word is motivated, but it's one I like to mess up on purpose.

One last thing: who wrote Kyle in a black Sharpie on the black interior plastic by the right rear window? I've not seen it before, but we did buy the car used; maybe it was there when we bought it. I think the lighting was just right to make it stand out now.


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