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The Sounds of a Walk

Cardinal (image found online)

I take a walk or bike ride most days or evenings around our neighborhood, paying attention to the sights and sounds--sometimes the smells, even, because they're unavoidable.

Tonight's mosey walk was accented with singing cicadas. Those are the ugliest bugs on earth. And the loudest. But they're part of summer, so they're part of the sounds I heard.

Another sound: a neighbor firing off rounds of ammo. Sounded like a .357 for part of it. Then the sound changed to more of a .22 pitch. The terrain around us provides plenty of natural backstops with all the ravines and hills around the river.

Also heard: birds, distant traffic, a mower. For it being such a pleasant evening, I'm surprised I didn't hear kids playing everywhere. They're normally out and about more.

For sights, I took note of a cardinal, a family of bunnies, and the fingernail moon starting to shine through the evening sky.

These walks are time for me to decompress from the day. I always have a cloud of to-dos hanging over my head, and this helps me suspend that for 20 minutes or so.

I just set out in whatever I'm wearing for the day. If I stopped to change into real workout or walking clothes and shoes, I'd never actually go for a walk. I'll clarify that stilettos are out, but everything else is fair game.


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