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The Gift of Hearing

Am I getting old? Noise bothers me. Not the happy noise of children playing happily, or my brother pounding out a tune on the piano.

I'm talking about the subwoofer on our speakers that must be up full blast. It's some fancy sound bar and some extra speakers or whatever I bought for my husband for Christmas one year upon the recommendation of one of his friends. I'm sorry I bought it.

No matter what the kids are watching, or how much I say to turn it down, it's just too dang loud. So loud my insides rattle.

There's always a roller coaster of a musical score in these stupid movies.

Needless to say, when I do get my chance once a month to watch a movie, it's almost silent with the subtitles on. Can't stand loud noise and roller coaster music.

You'll never see me at a movie theater except under compulsion and with the ear muffs we use at the gun range. Movie theaters give me massive headaches, both from sight and sound.

Quiet and calm, a walk around our neighborhood, sitting on my deck, snuggling with my kids... that's more my speed.

One sound I enjoy hearing, and I heard it last night and into this morning, is a moderate thunderstorm and rain shower while we're all safe and dry. The sound of it is comforting, especially at night.

Other sounds of the day:

  • The chirp of a cardinal. Such a happy bird.

  • My kids saying they love me.

  • The coffee percolator. I love this sound.

  • The wind rushing through the open windows of the car as I drove to the next town today.

  • The purring of my sewing machine. A few unsavory words when something didn't work right.

  • The air conditioner kicking on.

  • Clump, clump, creak, creak. My family walking around the house.

  • The chiming of the clock.

  • The greeting of a friend.

  • "Ding!" Someone checking in by text.

  • The crunch of gravel beneath car tires.

  • The door chimes of the shop I was in today.

  • The voices of loved ones in person and on the phone.

  • The sound of all the utilities at our house running as they should.

  • The chink of coins falling into the coin jar.

I take so many things for granted, and I get growly when the subwoofer is grating on my ears (and teeth and chest and veins and skin and hair), but I don't ever want to take for granted the gift of hearing.


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