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The Dollar General Version of Indiana Jones

I've been MIA the last two days, at least from writing. So here's what's been happening:

Duck visitors to the neighborhood

  • I saw ducks on my walk yesterday. Two males and two females nosing through the mud of a shallow creek near our house.

  • Little Miss Bunny Puff can produce an enormous amount of waste for such a tiny puff ball. After hearing about others litter box training their bunny, I decided to go that route. A little research on that there internets showed what brands and types of litter are best. We found what we needed at the farm store and started her on training early Saturday morning. I'm happy to report that she is making most of her messes in there. We're not a pet family, but we're learning how to be one.

  • Saturday was a fun day. Kal and I started with a donut and a drive just to spend some time together. I love my son. Then there was buying litter supplies for Miss Poops-A-Lot. Later, Kal had a soccer game, and the kids both finished out the day with having friends over. Fun, fun, fun!

  • During the drive with Kal, we saw a flock of 11 wild turkeys at the edge of a corn field. We see quite a few turkeys around here. I wonder if they have any idea they are the featured guest at our most beloved Thanksgiving holiday?

  • Kris worked like a maniac on Sunday establishing more order to the shed and garage. We have a pile of junk to burn which we'll do on a nicer day when the wind is low. It's been too strong lately to burn safely.

  • Kal worked like a maniac on Sunday for some friends of ours helping them with yardwork. He can move mountains when he sets his mind to it.

  • Church was refreshing. I've been in church all my life. I've been in numerous Bible studies and classes, both with church and just on my own. Nothing beats just reading the Bible, plain and simple. At this point in my life, I'm not hearing brand new things in church very much. That's not necessarily the point, though. I just enjoy that time with fellow believers, each of us, merely by being there, helping each other to follow Christ and do what is right.

  • Today was a one-more-thing day concerning a wedding dress I was finishing up. It took hours longer to finish than I had anticipated. (That's one part of the business I definitely won't miss when we close.) I am satisfied, though, that the dress is neat, beautiful, and fitting perfectly for the bride. She was very appreciative of all the attention I gave her dress. Most of the brides I've had in my shop are real sweethearts, and are thrilled with the finished product. I will miss the people I work with.

  • All moms silently pat themselves on the back when their children actually scarf down the food they make. That happened this week with a classic: macaroni and cheese with hot dog chunks in it. Yep, this was the first time my kids actually ate those two mixed together and liked it. New staple for kid meals here.

  • The broccoli soup was another dish they wolfed down, much to my surprise. Broccoli, as it's cooking, has enough of a smell to conjure up imaginations of things other than food, but the soup tasted so good. Garlic, chicken bouillon, whipping cream, cheddar... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • Kris made chili hotter than Hell on Friday night for our friends that were coming over. He, Mr. L, and Kal all put on quite a show of manliness downing chili made with a Carolina Reaper pepper. I think Carolina Grim Reaper is a more apt name. It wasn't long before the show of manliness became entertainment for the ladies as we watched them suffer in the affliction of that heat: red faces, sweat, tears, dancing around from the heat. They each drank at least a quart of milk during the show. It's no wonder women live longer than men generally. We see danger, watch men suffer by jumping into it, take note, and stay away. We ate the not-hot pot of chili that was also readily available.

  • One last funny bit from Saturday: as Kal was cracking a whip (a not-poison-ivy vine from a tree in our strip of woods), he said he's the Dollar General version of Indiana Jones. His sense of humor is developing to be much like Kris's.

The house is quiet. The kids listened to their two chapters that I read from the Little House series. They sleep better with a good story.

Ginger Snap the Fluff-and-Poo Bunny is quiet with a towel over her crate to make a comfortable, dark hidey-hole.

Time for Mom to turn in--and to start writing first thing in the morning instead of at night.


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