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Surviving the BMV

Kris had to get the plates for our car this week. The normal House of Trolls known as the BMV has been transformed into the Sanitary House of Trolls. They would only allow a certain number of victims in at one time, then each chair was wiped down after each nasty person sat in it.

In the end, we did get plates for the car. It takes about three weeks to summon the courage to face the BMV dragons. I remember sitting for hours with my parents on Saturday mornings watching the number clicker climb ever... so... slowly... up to the number my parents held as they waited in line.

I love the mush time at bedtime with my kids. They will be in bed, tucked in, after having requested 10 different things, then we'll be talking about the day, and they just turn to sweet mush.

They love Mom and Dad; they love each other; they're thankful for a home; they're glad to be able to paint. They talk about their thoughts. They tell us again how much they love us.

It's a healing time. The days can get rough with tempers and whatever problems arise throughout the day. Often, I'm worn out just thinking about the work ahead of me to get the house back to okay, but I love that time with Kal and Kara to soothe over all the ruffled feathers of the day.

They sleep better, too, with that mush time.

Ranch dressing
There's a Ranch monster at our house.

I didn't let this ruffle my feathers, but I did notice that we had 3 open bottles of Ranch dressing in the refrigerator.

I'm facing a full day of alteration appointments tomorrow (actually today because I'm writing this post after midnight, but counting it for Thursday). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are my in-shop days, and it takes the rest of the week to recover from those days.

I have to remind myself constantly that I am the boss of my calendar. Still it's hard to keep my resolve when I get a pleading call from someone needing a dress for two days out.

For the right price, anything can be done. But sanity is worth more than gold.

Live and learn.


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