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Sunday Fun Day

Sunday turned into a nice day at church, a grilled steak lunch at home (Kris cooked everything!), then swimming for the kids at Aunt K's house while Kris and I went on an impromptu date.

Actually, he said he was going to Kokomo for several whatevers, and I said I was coming with him.

We stopped at one antique mall there. Antique mall sounds a little fancy for what the store looks like in real life, which is that an attic blew up. Some of the nastiest c-r-a-p. Who pays $10 for someone else's stinky shoes?

I mainly stuck to the middle of the aisle where I wouldn't be infected by the nasty c-r-a-p in all the booths.

Pyrex Alley was okay to look at, but since I bought all my Pyrex before it was so cool, I never had to pay $35/bowl.

I loved leaving the attic blow-up store.

JCPenney in Kokomo is going out of business. I hadn't been there yet since the start of the liquidation sale. You know, mark up the prices, then knock a small percentage off, and the naive customer assumes they really did save some money. Furniture stores are always going out of business, too. Same deal.

I wish they'd stick around longer. Now I have to go to Fort Wayne, which isn't a bad thing. It's better, just farther away.

Penney's is my go-to for clothing for myself. I can walk in (sprint when I'm really excited) and come out in no time with exactly what I was looking for. And since I know a great lady that does alterations, I don't have to worry about perfect fit because it'll get fixed if it needs to be tweaked.

Our last stop was saving big money at Menard's--where you go in for deck screws and come out with a refrigerator. No refrigerator this time, but we did get another ceiling fan for the house.

Home, wonderful home... I biked around the neighborhood once we returned home.

That wasn't quite enough to satisfy the outside itch, so I walked around the neighborhood later. I love the smell of the black walnuts right now. Most of them have dropped from the trees, but the smell lingers still in the air. Besides our walnut trees, there are several along the walk.

Savannah, the shorn Collie that likes to bark and chase me until she comes to the invisible fence boundary, is starting to grow her coat back. She's looked a little funny for a month or so.

The recent storms have brought down limbs, sticks, and halves of trees. Thankfully, the massive half of a tree snapped in a jagged break and landed on somebody's yard, not causing property damage that I could see.

Grandma dropped off Kal and Kara, who were full of Domino's pizza, smelling like chlorine, and blessedly tired. Showers first, then a family movie. We watched Daddy Day Care. Anjelica Huston is so good at being the bad guy in any movie.

Kara has orthodontist appointments today; Kal has tennis. I did finally remember to sign him up for that.

Otherwise, I'm starting out the week behind on the dress sewing that needs to be done. Not a new story, though. Every week feels this way. In the end, everything gets done.


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