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I'm really late writing today. It's actually tomorrow. 12:20 a.m. But I'm still doing my 10 minutes of writing and counting it for Sunday.

We started off with church this morning. Not too rushed of a morning trying to get out the door.

Lunch and family time. Kris started some crockpot chicken for dinner. Kara had a friend over for the afternoon. Kal played with them, too. Bike rides, video games, crafts.

Dishes and laundry kept me busy. Then taking down Christmas decorations took some time. The kids started puzzles which we all ended up working on. We love working jigsaw puzzles in the wintertime. Kris watched some football.

Between all this activity, I finished painting the kitchen cabinets. I won't cry if this is the last time I ever have to paint. The cabinets do look great from a distance, which is all I care about right now. I'll replace the handles in the morning.

Tomorrow--actually, today--is the last day before kids go back to school. We're making a day trip to another town an hour away for some appointments and some fun stops.

Today has had ups and downs, but I love the time we had making good memories with each other!


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