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Spaghetti Head

Both my thoughts and my hair tend to resemble spaghetti. That’s not what I want for either. Naturally curly hair is just going to look like spaghetti sometimes. I don’t get the Pinterest beach waves, or the beautiful tight curls my friend has. I just get spaghetti head.

My thoughts looks like that too:

  1. We have hosta transplants from our neighbors. With all the rain lately, they are looking like jungle plants. I’d love to have huge patches of irises and poppies for next year. I have a little baby batch of the irises at least. Those will multiply, and I can use them all over the yard--when we have a yard, that is.

  2. We all watched the newest Star Wars movie last night. Star Wars 9. Star Wars 32. Star Wars Enough Already. I made it through about 15 minutes before fighting sleep. Sleep won.

  3. Kris and the kids get agitated with me for falling asleep every time I sit down. My mom always has. Now it’s my turn.

  4. I constantly battle the thinking that I need to be 3 people to get all my work done. I have the same 24 hours that everyone else has.

  5. Kal and Kara have been putting their craft supplies to good use. They made superhero ornaments from popsicle sticks for Kris to take to his office, and Kara has been painting everything in sight.

  6. I love the mornings. I love watching the light outside become steadily brighter. I love the birds and squirrels in our yard.

  7. Kal and Kara have been working hard on habits lately. They each established one or two personal goals and have been working toward them diligently.

  8. I'm hungry.

  9. Coffee? That's never really a question, always a statement.

  10. Is tennis at the Y happening this summer?

  11. I like happy lights.

  12. We have haircuts this morning after months of none.

  13. Did Tolstoy ever sit around thinking random things, or was he always weaving a grand tale?

  14. I love America.


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