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Sometimes We Get It Right

I've been too lax in writing this week. I'm not sitting on my thumbs, though. Who has time for that?

Every once in awhile in parenting, parents get a glimpse that they're doing something right. That happened tonight when a couple told me how much they enjoyed what one of my children had to say, standing up in front of everyone, in a meeting tonight. I won't go into details so I don't embarrass my children, but I will say it was a needed boost for him/her as well as for me.

Often, I wonder if I'm doing anything right at all. I guess something is right!

On to some random bits:

  • This was a box of joy--Andes mints, that is, and all that was keeping me awake during some studying. My friend laughs at me for folding trash. I always have, though; it just looks tidier than wadding it into a little bunch that has no defined shape or uniformity.

Andes mints
Never wrong to have.

  • I have to close my eyes and walk away when the fun starts getting too messy. Maybe I'll walk away first, then close my eyes so I don't trip. Anyway, Kara and her friend had a blast making a huge mess of oobleck. Some of it is still in the cracks of the plank floor.

Oobleck ooze
I can't look, but I am glad they had fun.

  • Kal finished the basketball season with the Y. I'm proud of my boy. Here he is with the gaudy ring all the sixth graders got. Something fun for them.

Basketball ring
Yo, dude.

  • We pulled out the game of Trouble for a family night a couple nights ago. It's such a fun, brainless game. Lots of laughs.

  • Kara loves Mr. Bunny. He was in the car to greet her after school. Made her day. Mr. Bunny is actually named Leo, now that we know he is a boy, except we don't call him that very much. He has about 20 other nicknames, so why bother with the real one?

Bunny and girl
Sweet bunny time.


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