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Socks, Rocks, and Blocks in a Box

Wall, baseboard, floor
I see the floor in my child's room.

A picture of blank floor and wall space is unremarkable except for when it's a rare sight as in the case today.

I'm taking a break from the adventure of cleaning out Kal's closet to write this post. It is an adventure. More like an archaeological dig.

I made him help me. I'll let you fill in the blanks as to what that looked like.

I'm finding all those clothes he said he didn't have, 7-AA batteries, several rolls of Scotch tape, finger puzzles, Nerf guns, boxes of the little tiny stuff that collects in kids' rooms that nobody knows where to put (except the trash can), 5 pairs of scissors, various pocket knives and survival gear, stinky shoes, a tennis racket, books, papers, book bags, pillows, a robe, George the monkey, various arts and crafts, puzzle blocks, action figures, cross bows, acrylic paint, pens, pencils, empty boxes, a pile of socks he said he put away, sunscreen, swimming goggles, 4 sticks of deodorant, the paper from target practice (nice grouping, by the way), Nerf bullets, rocks, a light saber, hair color sticks that rolled in from Kara's room, a Matchbox car, modeling clay, notebooks, folders, ear buds, power cords, sunglasses, binoculars, and...

I'm done. You get the picture.

I see wall edges and corners now. Lovely. Kal is always so appreciative when I help him in his room. He loves order. We all do.

Kal and Kara worked hard yesterday sewing pillows to sell in Mrs. F's garage sale today. I love seeing them be industrious. Kara also assembled some clothes and Barbie DVDs she wanted to sell, tagging everything.

Then she went over to help with the sale today. Not much traffic, but she enjoyed herself, and Mrs. F loves children. She is always thinking of fun things for them to do and making yummy treats for them to eat. She's the mom I always wanted to be.

Thank you, Mrs. F, for making life fun for my children whenever you're around! You fill in some gaps in what I think my parenting should be that I'm just not wired for.

Kris and Kal went to Combat Ops in Fort Wayne today. It was a belated birthday present for Kal since the quarantine hit right as his birthday rolled around. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to shoot all your buddies with lasers?

Today included a nice walk with Kris around our neighborhood and a trip for 2 things at Walmart that turned into 52 things. I had help from Kara loading up the cart. She's great at helping that way.

I can feel the steam leaving me for the day. Motivation is shutting down. That's okay. I'm so used to driving hard that it feels odd to say it's okay to leave a job somewhat undone and finish it in the morning.

But, it really is okay.


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