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Snowy Redbuds & Simplicity

Snow in April
Snow on the redbud tree

Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Oh, wait, it's the wrong time of year for that. We have a nice pile of snow on the ground here, and on all the beautifully blossoming trees and shrubs.

The picture is at Mom's house. Yes, that is a redbud tree under that snow. And this picture was before the snow was done spreading its cheer to all the land.

At least Kris mowed the grass (weeds) in time for the snow to fly.

Well, we can't change the weather; we can only live with it.

We lived with it by making chicken and dumplings. Not the dumplings Kal wanted. I guess he'll have to dig up the recipe next time. Anyway, it ended up being good enough for Kris to have 3 bowls of it.

Bunny in snow
Leo's thought bubbles were showing here.

Back to the snow, Kal took BunnBunn out in it today. Leo the bunny has all sorts of names other than his given name.

After wandering about a bit, his thoughts apparently were the same as ours: "And the point of this is...?"


Sad to say, my cleaners haven't self-animated yet; I'm the animation for them. But I did get a fancy new floor cleaner that does nothing more than soapy bleach water would do, except it's in a bottle and artificially colored a pleasant green.

I'm in the wrong business. Somebody is making a fortune on people like me.


I got to spend the morning surrounded by children I love as much as my own. Our friends had to take their youngest for a medical trip, and I had the pleasure of sitting with their other children for a bit this morning during that time.

Like our own children, each has gifts and talents that vary so widely. What a delight to watch them grow!

Speaking of children growing, Kal hit a major milestone: he passed his HAM radio test yesterday. He worked so hard taking practice tests, going to all the classes, paying attention. A HAM buddy gave him a radio as a gift for passing the test. He came home glowing.

I'm proud of my boy.


The real estate office is turning into my second home. I've enjoyed getting to know the others there and starting to learn the ropes of selling. Passing the test is one thing; actually selling is another.


Kara, I must brag on Kara. She came out grown up. She's 10 years old right now, going on 30.

On Sunday, she noticed some frustrations I was having, and without my asking, jumped up and started sweeping floors, picking up schtuff, folding laundry, dusting, cleaning one of the bathrooms, making beds, and making food treats. She also urged me to take a nap while she worked, knowing how much I dislike disorder in my home-sweet-home.

I never get naps, so this was a real treat. And sleep, I did.

Her sweet, selfless attitude was the greatest gift of all.


We like to watch one episode each night of Little House on the Prairie. While I love the home and life I have, there's something about the simplicity of their little house that appeals to my no-fuss nature. Enough, but not too much.

Anyone up for a major decluttering session this weekend?


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