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Snow & Fashion for Preteen Boys

Snow. Yay!

Snow! All the world, our little corner of it, looks clean and bright this morning waking up to a blanket of snow everywhere.

The deciduous trees, especially, turn beautiful with a coating of snow. They look so bare all winter until God drops a bucketful of snow on their branches, then each little branch and twig is outlined with dark and light. Gorgeous!

Kal went outside as soon as he was dressed this morning. Dressed may be an overstatement given that he chose to wear shorts and flip-flops to go on the snowy deck and try out his new BB gun on a can in the backyard. He does have on a big sweatshirt and sock hat, though.

It's not worth the fight to get him into real winter clothes when he's not going anywhere but our yard. He comes inside when he's too cold.

Anyway, the look is what I call: Winter Fall Basketball Beach.

Snow, or no snow, we are blazing fashion trails.


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