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Snow & a Slug Day

Kal and Kara are singing a silly little song, laughing together, and enjoying each other. We love hearing them laugh.

It's a nice break from the fighting that happens at times between them.

Outside looks like a Christmas movie right now with a soft, heaping snowfall. The kids have grand plans for sledding tomorrow. My guess is church will be canceled because everything around here gets canceled for snow now.

I don't remember that as a kid. The only reason we stayed home was for 2 feet of snow, and the roads hadn't been plowed yet.

We had a lazy day of... well, if I could fill in the blank thoughts there, it wouldn't have been a lazy day. Sometimes we just need the rest. This past week has been a hard one, so my body just shut off for the day, though I did get to see Kal's basketball game, and his nice shot he made, and I ran some errands around town.

Otherwise, I was in slug mode for the day. And that's just what I needed.


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