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Slow Saturday

My sewing pile shrank just a bit today after I mended and made a few items that were at the top of the stack including a new case for my sunglasses. I spent almost $22 on them at Kroger, and I don't want to scratch them. My other $5 pair lasted about 5 years, so I expect quite a bit from these.

Also, Kara has a pair of pants back after I mended them, trying to keep in a pattern that will be least noticeable when she's wearing them. She blows out the knees on her pants all the time, sometimes purposefully--with scissors! (Great look, Kara, when your mom is known around town as an accomplished seamstress.)

I need to put that skill to work--again--fixing the "'scuse me, pardon me" spot in my jeans. You know, it's the spot the wears out first on each pair of jeans for any woman with substantial thighs.

Clothing design isn't my forte necessarily, but I, and so many other women, sure could use pants that are reinforced in the inner upper thigh.

We had an impromptu grill night with my brother, his fiancee, and her (soon to be his) daughter. When you don't know what meat to have, why not just get everything? They brought over steak, bacon, shrimp, and hot dogs, along with asparagus and zucchini.

My meager portion of help for the meal was to fry some potatoes. The turned into mush with a few crispy nuggets in there. Edible, but wouldn't win any awards unless it's to demonstrate what not to do with food.

Every time we have asparagus, I have to sing "Asparagus, asparagus" in the same tune as "Victorious, victorious." That's where the song stops for me, but it goes to show there really is a song for everything.

Our after-dinner fun was a game of Scattergories. Kal and Kara had fun joining in, and we loved hearing their answers. They're far more capable than we recognize.

I kept thinking during the game that there should be a game for moms called Scatterbrained.

But every mom I know already plays her own version of that daily.


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