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I often find myself at the end of a long day, having spent what feels like the last of my energy, facing a mound of dishes to wash or laundry to start.

Making up household routines is fun. I've done that my entire married life. Somehow, I still have to do the work, even after reminders about such things.


This is as far as I got yesterday with writing before I was schlumped over the keyboard taking a nap at midnight. Must be a mom trait. The ability to sleep anywhere and in any position.

My scenario tonight isn't much different. Once again, I melted into a puddle this evening. The house fell apart during that time, then it was time for showers and bed for the kids. The house is still apart.

The mental energy it takes to keep the household on task is too much for me some days.

That reminds me: trash needs to go out to the curb tonight.


Fell asleep again. As a kid, I always wondered how in the world Mom could fall asleep every time she sat down. Now it's my turn.

In talking with Kal and Kara sometimes, I feel as she and Dad must have felt talking to me when I was a kid. Time changes one's perspective on every issue. Time may not change basic convictions, but the perspectives are given much more depth


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