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Singing, Dancing, and Sewing

Tonight was a little sad: it was the last choir rehearsal before the community choir concert next week. I always want to sing and dance down the school hallways when I walk out of there because I want the music and singing to keep going. I stop myself though, and act like an adult... but I'm doing it my head.

Today was a normal frantic day of sewing. The blood, sweat, and tears are there. Sticking my fingers, sweating about getting a project done in time, and tears when I have to pick apart a seam again! It's all rewarding in the end. I love the look on the face of a bride when her dress, which started out baggy in all the wrong places, fits perfectly, and she does a princess twirl.

Rain turned to sunshine during the course of the day. The anticipation for spring is building everywhere. It was a window-open day, as any day over 50 degrees is.

The kids are still loosely following the red chore chart I made several weeks ago. We have a few gaps to fill, such as today, when I opened the dishwasher and saw that none of the sparkling clean dishes were put away. When asked, they insisted they didn't know to do that. I did double-check the chart. It still does say to unload the dishwasher. Sigh. We'll just keep working at this.

Tomorrow is an early day. I'm meeting with a friend to pray in the morning. After that, getting ready for school is a feat. Then one child has an orthodontist's appointment. Several return appointments for alterations are in the afternoon. Those are just the calendar spots. It'll be filled with all sorts of other activity, like the grocery shopping I keep putting off. If we still have eggs, milk, and bread, we can eek out another day without the big grocery trip.

Another day closing. It's had ups and downs, but I look at each day as good if we'll only choose the right perspective.


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