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Scary Coffee and State-Wide House Arrest

Coffee can
Uncharted coffee territory

What is this? Kroger was cleaned out of normal coffee, even the brands I don't like. I guess we'll find out what "Yuban" is. The ingredients did say 100% coffee. The only other option was pathetic half-caff, which is against my religion. This feels like the twilight zone.

Our governor issued house-arrest for everyone starting on Wednesday. Actually, it's called a "stay-at-home" order, which sounds nicer. Only essential businesses are to remain open. So when Kroger gets a new stock of coffee in, I will be able to buy it if I beat the nuts to the store because grocery stores are essential.

I can't blame Governor Holcomb. Still, it took an hour and a half to call all my appointments this week and reschedule. I haven't started on next week's.

My helpers and I are pushing out all the work we can by close of business tomorrow, then we'll take two weeks off appointments, and two weeks off of having helpers. I can't pay help when money isn't coming in. Anyway, I'll keep sewing on my own during this hiatus. I have plenty to keep me busy, and the kids are jumping for joy at the chance to spend so much time with me in my shop. (Small helping of sarcasm there.)

All this fear being sold? It's a product I'm not buying. I'll cooperate with the measures in place to quell the spread, but the sensible side of me is looking for the man behind the curtain. Whenever the entire public's attention is taken by only one thing, you can be sure there is slight-of-hand, smoke and mirrors, something being done in secret.

These past two weeks do highlight the importance of having a supply at home of your normal pantry items and household goods. We could live for awhile on what is in our pantry, even after the favorite foods are gone. Pinto beans, anyone?

We already had extra toilet paper and soap, so I haven't had to replenish those. I'll buy an extra pack when the crazies are out of the way.

We also have an emergency fund that we leave alone, but it's there for... guess what? Emergencies. Unforeseen necessary expenses that can't be cash-flowed otherwise in the normal month, not a shopping spree.

I am very grateful to the Lord that all our needs are supplied.

On a different note, I talked with my mom today. I'm so glad she isn't faced with an empty house right now after losing my brother. Dad is working from home, and my youngest brother who lives with them is off work for the virus scare right now.

Plus, she has little Pumpkin who is a cute, furry, little bundle of dog that is just excited to be with people. She hops up and down in anticipation of being held.

I've held back from saying what she should do, or how she ought to fill her time. It's easy for me to swoop in and fix problems, but it's not right for now. Mom just needs a shoulder to cry on. Losing my brother naturally affects my dad very much, too, but he shows it differently than Mom.

This entire week that is now behind us, a week of heartache at losing our brother, but rejoicing for his freedom in Jesus from physical disabilities, gave the somber admonition to spend time with loved ones. Spend time while time is to be had. No material goods or ambitions can replace the moments of listening, sharing, and caring with loved ones.


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