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Root Beer Floats

The house is un-tornadoed for the night, if you don't count the loads of laundry to fold both in the dryer and out, plus the torn-up family room.

I got the rearranging bug, affecting the family room, before the sleepy bug. Now I just need sleep, and the rearranging, I'll finish tomorrow.

We had random split splats on the floor; huge piles of dirt; plenty to feed the vacuum.

Kara played most of the day with E, a friend who is about like a sister to her. Kal had his friend, B, over in the meantime. I guess I was a meany for making the boys get off screens. My friend, E's mom, was a meany for suggesting the girls eat some salad for lunch.

Back to the family room, nicely torn apart for rearranging: where did all this come from? We do purge regularly. I always have a give-away pile going. Yet stuff just breeds overnight, apparently.


Root beer float
Root beer floats: for when the snow barely melts

Over 50F degrees means root beer float weather. I'm the fuddy-duddy mom that balks at spending $5.99 for a box of Barq's root beer when good, ol' Big K brand is next to it for $2.99. There are some exceptions: Coke will always be Coke, no substitutes. Dr. Pepper is another one that tastes best as the real drink.

Not that I care for pop much, or at all. I've always called it Evil Pop as it has no redeeming qualities, unless extra weight and cavities are a draw.

One sip of pop every 6 months or so is enough for me. Enough to remember I don't like it--except maybe as a toilet bowl cleaner.


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