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Red Shoes and a Merry Christmas

Red makes me happy. Red shoes make me happier. My aunt gave her old pair of red high heels to me when I was seven years old. The only hard flooring we had in the house at the time was the kitchen and the fireplace hearth. I clacked and clacked those heels for days. I'm not sure how my mother survived the noise. She's wonderful

Christmas is today. We wrapped those presents last night, well, technically it was this morning, but it still counted as last night because it was before we had fallen asleep for the end of the day.

It was one night that was actually easy to put the kids to bed. We usually deal with two hours of popping up for various fabricated necessities from both of them.

Kris's family and some of mine are coming. I love being a hostess. I used to plan every last detail, down to the pickle fork. I still love to do that, but I don't have the bandwidth for that much fussiness right now. Since having kids 10+ years ago, we just make sure the house is decent, and throw the ham in the oven. I'll make whatever sides I can manage. The other ladies in the family are bringing food as well. And so it's fairly easy to have a houseful of guests at Christmastime.

Family and friends are the best part of Christmas. Gifts are fun to give and receive, but they can't beat time with loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all!

P.S. Yes, my pants are rolled up. Yes, I'm well aware that I own an alterations business. I'll fix it... sometime.


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