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Pie & Ice Cream For Lunch

Some days, I'd like to crawl back into bed and restart the day on a different note. That was today. I'm not going to use this post to whine and complain about it, though; just to acknowledge that it happens to everyone at times, and the rest of the day doesn't have to be ruined because of a bad starting note.

Calming down now...

  • We took BunnBunn (Leo the bunny) in to be "tutored" this morning. Just got a call that he's doing well and can be picked up in a little over an hour.

  • I remembered for several weeks that March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. I remembered the day before. I know it's tradition to wear green for the day. I forgot the day-of to wear green. So I wore it for March 18th. Close enough.

  • March 17th is also Kal's birthday. He had a few early birthday presents, and one is still waiting on someone (me) to make it up. That's one of today's projects.

  • Kris's parents, knowing Kal doesn't like cake, surprised him with a Wendy's manly-man burger instead of cake for his birthday. Something with a pretzel bun and about 1/2 a cow for the patty. He loved it!

  • While the kids were in school yesterday, my parents, brother, and I visited my grandmother. Time with her is always a pleasure. Her house has only good associations in my memory. The outdoors with the huge trees that used to be there, the old swingset and wild grapevine that is no longer there; the kitchen, the light in the entry, the fireplace, the parquet floors, the grandfather clock chiming out every 15 minutes. Mostly, the good memories come from the love which permeates the house.

  • Guess what lunch was at Grandma's? Pie and ice cream. Just like I remember Grandpa having one time when I was still a kid and had to eat my vegetables. He had two pieces of pie and ice cream at Ponderosa. That was his lunch. Well, now it is my turn. Fun!

  • Calling that lunch is a stretch, I guess. My parents, brother, and I were all coming off a week of near gluttony with the amount of food in every place the family gathered. Nobody was hungry for a normal lunch at normal lunchtime, but Grandma had pulled out a Marie Callendar's strawberry rhubarb pie to bake in her fancy air fryer, which we did. Fixed up with butter pecan ice cream and coffee, it was perfect.

  • Below is a picture of my brother, Mark, with my grandma. As is normal for him, he finished up a project or two while he was there. This time, he fixed up a bird feeder for her, a squirrel-proof feeder. If it actually is, the inventor deserves the vast royalties he's sure to make from it.

My beautiful grandma and handsome brother


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