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Only Conan May Eat Like a Barbarian

Spaghetti 'ere the carnage. Thank you,

"Kal, you're eating like a Barbarian. Since you're not Conan, you have to stop."

Yes, those words came out of my mouth at dinner tonight. I won't include any pictures of the scene that inspired such an admonition. The people that know us well can very aptly put together a picture in their own imaginations based on past experience.

And it was spaghetti. That makes dinner look like a crime scene. Help.

A note on the picture: you can tell it's staged because no mom I can think of would garnish spaghetti for her 11-year-old son who will soon devour it. We just get out of the way before our fingers get chewed off in the mix.


Kara made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, so we snacked on what was left of those today.

I also snacked on Nutella. Marshmallows make a good vehicle for Nutella. So does plain shredded wheat cereal.

What else? Pecan halves, raisins, dried apricots, dried bananas, dried cranberries, and whatever other dried fruit you can think of.

I've even tried it on Cheez-itz when nothing else was around. Not the best, but it's okay when you really just need a chocolate fix.

To top off the snack-fest, take a heap of Nutella out of the jar on the spoon as you put it away, and slowly savor the smooth, chocolatey goodness. Cry a little when it's all over.

I say Nutella and Cheez-itz. Well, if I'm to be completely accurate, it's whatever Aldi's version of those is. Tastes fine to me, fine enough to keep me coming back for more.


One of my current books is Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. It's a fascinating history told as a fly on the wall, or more accurately on a horse's patooty, would tell it about the last days of the Civil War and President Lincoln.

I'm not far into it yet. I don't get far in the five minutes after I sit or lay down before I fall asleep. Nevertheless, I'm loving the book.

It's now the end of a long, gray, windy, reading and lounging day. Part of that time, the kids were schtuck on screens, but it was relaxing nonetheless.

And I wish you some of the same relaxation without any spaghetti crime scenes.


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