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Oley's Pizza and Teeny Electric Cars

Kris about to attack a helpless Oley's pizza
Kris about to attack a helpless Oley's pizza

Tonight was Oley's Pizza night. This tasty place is well worth the wait it takes to get to a table, then the wait for food. My reluctant spouse simply couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about this pizza. That is, until he had it. I think we made a convert tonight.

In the picture above, my bear is about ready to devour pizza to his heart's content. It turns out 1-2 slices is the max most people can eat, even for big dudes over six feet tall.

New day. This is Sunday now. I tried to write last night and got as far as what's written above, but a gluten coma overtook me. So here I am finishing up the post I started yesterday.

Kal couldn't wait to try the leftovers this morning. First, to set the stage. He lifted the box, then had me lift it. When you're used to Domino's or some other second-rate pizza, this pizza from Oley's will feel like a box of bricks.

I came down the stairs into the kitchen just as Kal was taking his first bite. It was pure love. He didn't say a word, just nodded up and down slowly with a look I've never seen. Almost like he was going to cry from joy, but couldn't because that would mess with eating the best pizza he'd ever had.

Now he wants to go there for his birthday.

In case you are wondering, this pizza from Heaven is made at Oley's Pizza at US24 and Homestead Road, West of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Kris and I finally went there last night, after 17 years of my wanting him to try it and his finding every excuse under the sun not to go. I decided enough is enough, made a date with another couple, and dragged him there to see what all the fuss was about. He did admit to being proven wrong when he finally had it.

Another thing I love about Oley's is the atmosphere. It's crowded--you have to wait for a table even early in the evening, but everyone there seemed happy. People have to be happy eating pizza. Everyone waiting was in a good mood; the workers were all cheerful, like they enjoyed being there. All around, a very pleasant experience.

Today was a sunny and warm Sunday. 50-some degrees feels like swimsuit weather right after winter. Throw open wide the windows, Dear!

Kal and Kara played all afternoon with a friend after church. I went to the community choir practice. That's always so much fun. On the way there, I was driving behind a tiny, little electric car. It occurred to me that a car like that probably could fit in the back of my car. I love my gas guzzler.

You know what the electric cars remind me of? They remind me of the Barbie Jeep my daughter used to drive through the alley behind our old house. I guess there's not much difference.

A handwritten note from my friend
A handwritten note from my friend

Grocery shopping, seeing friends in the stores, finding loving notes from one of those friends, and a nice walk around the neighborhood with Kal rounded out my day. I should round out tomorrow with a good car wash.

I hope you had a great day!


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