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Old People Have the Best Yards

Imperial Moth
Imperial Moth

Look at the visitor we had! After a quick search of Mr. Google, we found out this is an Imperial moth. He stayed on our window for about 24 hours.

We should have been at a family reunion today. We go every year, but this year has felt different on all sorts of fronts. The deciding factor was that for Kris's being on vacation (use it or lose it before August) for the past two weeks, we haven't been able to do many fun things as a family since it coincided with prom.

Sewing is all I can accomplish during prom season. It's also full-force wedding season. Those of us in the alterations business are buried in satin and lace right now.

Kris has been knocking out the to-do list he made up for being home. The latest accomplishment is that he installed the new faucet in our bathroom.

We also off-loaded jun... usable household goods today. Yay! I love house dieting.

On my walks and bike rides around our neighborhood, I often take note of the yards. Generally speaking, the older the folks, the nicer the yard. While everyone mows and keeps up each yard in a general sense, the older folks all have what looks like a military neatness to their yards. Or Dutch. Take your pick.

They have real grass. Thick, green, Tru-Green grass.

There's no grass laughing at them in the cracks of the sidewalk. Did I say crack? Cracks aren't allowed.

They have a bountiful supply of each season's flowers so the yard blooms in perpetuity.

Tree junk doesn't stay on their decks longer than 30 minutes.

They blow leaves away daily in the fall. I have to apologize for my trees messing up their yards. We do rake... eventually.

I aspire to have an old-people yard. We had that at our old house, but we've had to start from scratch with this house. There are tree and bush roots everywhere--bushes that had Afros from being neglected so long. Those are out, but the roots remain to taunt us.

In the meantime, I guess we'll enjoy our yard testifying to our youth still. Sort of.


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