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Nothing To Wear and Washing the Dishes

The kids suddenly had nothing to wear that would fit them (their words, not mine), so yesterday was Kohls, Target, and Shoe Carnival day. It's amazing how they are fine one day, and the next have outgrown whatever they have.

It was also Eat-At-Home day. Save a few bucks where we can.

On sale, a sweatshirt Kal wanted was $45 just because "Champion" was embroidered across the chest. Sorry, kid, we're buying the un-cool, plain sweatshirt for half that.

I tend to spend a little more on clothes I buy for myself, but that's because I wear them for 10 years. My children, who will get one season out of something, are getting enough to get by.

Shoe shopping is always not fun. Kara had some elaborate reasoning why she needed yet another pair of shoes, when I'm fairly certain she has a serviceable number. Still, she ended up with more.

I was starting to see Kal's toes trying to poke through the front of his shoes. He skipped a size this time.

Hopefully, we don't have to visit Shoe Carnival for awhile.

We started out the day with a soccer game. Our team beat a very hard team for the first time in the five years our kids have been playing together. My son looks like a bulldozer at the end of the field, defending his section.

We also attended the birthday open house for a super cute little girl of a close family friend. My favorite part of the day was when she opened the gift Kara had chosen for her, and her eyes and face lit up while she said, "Bobbie! Bobbie! Bobbie!" That was her way of saying Barbie.

Also part of the day was adjusting kitchen jobs. After one child insisted that he/she didn't know how to wash a water bottle, and that everything I was explaining was confusing, we decided this child needed more practice with washing dishes. Now that is his/her job after dinner with the hand-washables.

I didn't think I was being too vague or confusing. Hot water, dish soap on a cloth, wipe everything, hot water again.

Anyway, this child had a much better attitude later and did a fabulous job washing up the pots and pans and a few more odds and ends. He/she was very proud of the accomplishment.

Also, in the back of my mind, is the picture of an inept, young adult who doesn't know anything about keeping house. Better teach them now.

Time to get ready for church.


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