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Nonagons and Chickens

Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know. But I will say he was heading south as we left my sister's house in Michigan, so I will conclude he wanted to come to Indiana. Who wouldn't?

Michigan is lovely, though, with all the pine trees, lakes, dunes, and rolling hills.

They also have a fantastic pizza joint in Niles. Front Street Pizza and Pub, or Pub and Pizza. Something like that. We tank up on the carbohydrates and cheese whenever we're in the area.

On to other topics: one child of mine has had too much party this weekend. In a split second, this child went from fine and dandy to bawling inconsolably. It reminds me of what I do on the inside when I'm done being an adult and want a nap for about 10 minutes before returning to adulthood. This child is blessedly asleep now and will be all better in the morning.

The Octagon fire pit is now The Nonagon fire pit.

Kris put field rock around our fire pit. He still has a few spots to fill in, plus he has grand plans for topping the surrounding ground with a combination of brick and gravel. We had a great fire last night. I called it Marks-henge. Marks after our last name, and henge for Stonehenge, just without any pagan connotations.

Our fire pit started out as an octagon, then became a nanogon. He's not quite sure how that happened.

Okay, I knew something didn't sound right about nanogon. The real word is nonagon, a polygon having 9 sides and 9 angles.

Now that we have that settled, I can sleep in peace. You never know when you'll need to brush up on geometry.


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