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No Internet = Blast Through Tasks

Ceramic bird tealight holder
This birdie makes me happy.

A random note before I start all the other random thoughts for the day: this little bird makes me happy. I don't usually like knickknacks (or k-nick-k-nacks, emphasis on the k sound) around my house, but something about this little bird is calm and peaceful. $2 well spent.

Our internet has been flipping out for 4 days, so I have gotten away from the "quick" check of Facebook and news and cute bunny pictures and all the other rabbit holes the internet represents.

In that time, I've powered through what feels like a hundred wedding dress alterations. It's more like 7, but who's counting?

My floors desperately needed to be mopped. We have a normal person's mop, but this time it really needed the hands-and-knees method with a bucket of hot, soapy cleaner. I get close to the edge, just shy of the bug spray line. Mr. Pest Control is an important part of our budget every quarter, and I don't want to undo all the spraying. I hate bugs.

Our shop and home look different with a new furniture arrangement both places. I love open spaces and clean surfaces. The rearranging checked both boxes with the different pieces of furniture working out better in the new places.

We, that is I, did loads of laundry last night and cleaning up one half of the family room. Kris has the other half. After 15+ years of marriage, I know it advances the cause of family peace if I just leave it alone, then jump in and help him when he's in the toss and organize mood. We blast through lots of work as a team.

I'm still ordering bookcases, though. I'm tired of boxes of homeless books.

We, that is I, vacuumed carpets, even the stairs.

Kris and the kids have put away all sorts of schtuff. It just breeds overnight.

Kal made a yummy breakfast this morning by himself. Food tastes better made with love, and we tasted that this morning.

I shook things up quite a bit by walking opposite my normal direction around our neighborhood loop. As a creature of habit, it takes a conscience thought to do something out of the ordinary.

Then it feels a little wrong... almost scandalous... Then I realize it's okay to walk in the other direction. Normal people do it every day.

Today was supposed to be my outdoor work day. It's wet and soupy outside. So, more inside work, plus catching up on these blog posts while we have a moment of internet connection. Yay.


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