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My Little Pony Hair and More

We explored new territory today: Kara looks like an extra from a My Little Pony movie with the ends of her hair colored purple, pink, and teal. I've never had one bit of dye or bleach in my hair, so this was a little scary.

The hairdresser was great, though. She knew just what she was doing and made My Little Pony colors look great on my little girl.

Today also included dental cleanings for both kids. When they first started going to the dentist, they were little enough that I had to sit in the chair holding them so Miss Candy could clean their teeth. That's an ironic name for a dental hygienist. She's a sweet lady. (Yes, I see the pun.)

It was quiet in the waiting room. Perfect thinking weather. I relish the times I can sit with either my red, fine-tipped Pilot pen, or the black Sharpie pen, and gather my thoughts onto college-ruled paper. It's like untangling spaghetti into nice rows.

Kris made fabulous fajitas tonight. He's quite the chef when he sets his mind to it. And he does. When he cooks, he actually stands at the stove cooking instead of doing fifty things simultaneously. I would have to fight my nature to stand there watching food cook.

Time to put the kids to bed.


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