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My Country Tis of Thee

USA and Indiana flags
I love the USA and Indiana

I love America.

The older I get, the more I realize what a special place it is. Our founding and culture is like no other in the world; and when we as a nation acknowledge God and live within a proper moral structure, we achieve unbelievable accomplishments and prosperity.

I appreciate my country every day. I am thankful for those who fought bravely for our freedom from tyranny, and for those who have since defended the Union and defeated evil throughout the world.


We had a grand time splashing in my husband's cousin's pool today. The kids wore themselves out, which they needed after this past week of non-sleep.

"Can we go swimming every day?"

Once darkness fell, we watched a nice fireworks show at their house. I dislike massive crowds, so I was fine seeing a few fireworks, lit by Cousin Scott, and being among friends and no crowd.

Glow sticks were everywhere, and once one of us ladies stuck them in our hair, all the ladies followed suit. Here is Kara with a glow stick display in her hair.

Glow sticks in hair
A glow stick pony tail

As the evening wore on, everyone started weaving glow sticks into the braids the one girl was wearing. In the end, she had a glow stick head. Part of the evening fun, and she had fun sporting her new 'do.

Glow stick hair
Glow stick hair

We enjoyed a campfire and s'mores as a perfect way to round out the evening.

All-in-all, a very good day, filled with many thanks for our country and for time with our friends and family.

And I'm loving how tired the kids are.


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