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Mr. Bunny For Congress; Plus Backup Moms

Add a few flags, and he's set for campaigning.

Some days, I think our bunny has more sense than some people.

We're planning to have him run for Congress when the term comes up. Even though he can't speak, he'll be effective at going potty everywhere, and that's about as much as anybody does there.

He eats, sleeps, and poos, just like his opponent. But what does he have that his opponent won't have?

The cute factor.

While his opponent grows older and uglier, Mr. Bunny will just be cuter. An easy win--especially if all his bunny friends vote.


Until I was a mom, I didn't realize mommying wasn't always a single-player game. I'm not talking about the dad being there. Kris steps in plenty of times when I'm over my head with a child's attitude.

The extra players come in the form of other moms stepping in to chew out my kid, more politely known as teaching him/her to be respectful.

Don't worry, the mom today providing backup for me is a close family friend, not some stranger, that has known and loved our children all their lives, so she's welcome to chew them out when they need it. I know she has their best interest in mind.

Plus, there's only so much I can say before I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher: "Wha, Whawah, Wha..."

In any case, I had a different child, much more respectful and helpful, for the rest of the day.

Also, I'm learning that I simply have to go over expectations all the time. We have reset meetings at night to go over expectations for the next day. In the morning, we go over all of it again.

The kids get so sick of hearing it, but I figure I'll stop yapping when they start doing all the time without the helpful nagging.


Well, that's it for today. I'm off to start working on Mr. Bunny's campaign slogan and strategy.


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