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More Snow and Thankfulness

Green snow

Anyone care for a weather buffet? We had about everything except what you'd want.

Sunny, then dark and gloomy, and back again. Hail. Light snow flurries. Heavy snow flurries. Sleet. Peace. Rain.

Words to describe it today: whiplash, ricochet, roller coaster, multiple personality.


That's as far as I got yesterday with writing.

Besides the schizophrenic weather, the day was punctuated with plenty of bright, happy things:

  • Seeing a lady I know. We stood in the parking lot of Kroger and chatted for a good while, all as the sun shone brightly and warmly for that time.

  • Seeing more and more people's faces as the masks come off. For so long, everyone has looked grumpy, hidden behind an unnatural piece of cloth. More and more, I see people, faces, and smiles again--even from strangers.

  • Being mistaken for a grocery store employee. I either looked like I knew what I was doing, or was dressed in the same colors they wear, but a lady stopped me to ask a question about the checkout line. I helped her, then she realized I wasn't an employee. We chatted anyway. Then we chatted with other ladies standing there. It was fun.

  • Seeing the strange colors of the snow as the bright leaves and blossoms on trees intermingled in the view. It was a completely different sight than snow in winter on bare trees.

  • Getting to surprise my children. At Kroger, I found a cheap, new toy they had been wanting. It's another in a long line of fidget toys they already have. I just left it on the kitchen counter while I picked them up from school. It was close to a 1/2 hour once they came home before they saw it, out in plain sight. Hearing their surprise from the other room was a delight.

  • Praying with my friend. We had to do it on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday this week, and it was a phone call, not in person. But the point was to pray together, and that's what we did.

  • Remembering trash day. Maybe you're not impressed. That's fine. I love seeing trash leave the premises.

  • Seeing our bunny, Leo, get all up in Kara's business when she had an ice cream bar. I think the plastic from that sounds just like the spinach bag. He perks up and gets excited every time he hears that. So we fed him a little spinach. He likes it better than ice cream anyway. Funny, my kids don't like spinach better than ice cream.

  • Time with a cheery lady in the office. Cheery people just make sunshine wherever they go, and I love being around them.

  • Time with my brother. He had a suit fitting for his upcoming wedding. He looked dapper after what I did.

  • Happy moods generally from Kris and the kids.

  • A community choir practice. It's a short performance this year, but so much better than nothing.

There's always more. Blessings are impossible to list completely. The more you list, the more grateful you are and the list just grows indefinitely.


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