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May Day: Mom Is Sick

Is Mommy allowed a sick day? I honestly can't remember the last time I got to lay around all day from sickness. That is, I laid around after I had worked for a few hours this morning. That part of my life doesn't stop.

This was normal-sick, not covid-sick. Sinus pressure, drainage, and the accompanying blah feelings.

I normally power through any type of sickness. Most moms do. The ship sinks when we're down or away.

I was perking up by tonight and took a bike ride around the neighborhood. It's starting to get cool at night and in the mornings. Perfect weather, I think.

Kris stepped up to the plate nicely while I was down--washing dishes, folding laundry, riding the kids about doing their work.

Kal and Kara attended our church's youth group tonight. They look forward to that time every week.

We capped the day with more reading from the Little House books. It's gotten to the point the kids have a hard time falling asleep if we don't read that. I can't blame them. It just gives a soothing finish to the day's experiences.

Sometimes we laugh at the struggles children have, or we minimize it as if it's nothing, yet it is something. We adults can handle bigger, harder things because we have practiced, as they are doing now.

Off to bed now. I'm confident I'll be feeling much better tomorrow, and the kids are all settled, sleeping peacefully for the night.


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