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Loving My Country

American flag

It's hard to write today. One half of the country is mad at the other half of the country; and the second half is mad at the first half.

In talking with the kids after school, I mentioned that all through history, times come and go, people and nations rise and fall, but guess what is constant through it all? God. He'll always be there. He doesn't change. He's the same as he ever was and always will be.

Every single thing in life will let us down at one point or another. Only God will be faithful and true always.


Each day is a gift. We celebrated that gift today with a candlelit dinner of stir-fry: the stir-fry that was meant for yesterday but was displaced by the maximum chili.

Having loved ones around is enough to celebrate, and I've been especially thankful for my family today, bunny included. That cute little stinker gives us so much joy.


Want to know the best way to mop your floors? Invite someone over. Suddenly, you'll find the wherewithal to flip that mop around like a madman.


My thoughts seem more disjointed than usual today. Believe me, the train is there, not missing any cars; it's just that it only touches at intervals, so to look only at the intervals makes the train of thought seem disjointed.

As a closing thought in this train: love for my country lives in my heart almost as strong as love for God and my family.


Note: the mop fits in today's train of thought because I did have an unexpected visit. It was just part of mulling over the day's events.


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