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Knock-Out Roses are Perfect For Plant-Killers

Knock-out rose bush
A new rose bush for Kara

At our old house, we had a rose bush that was Kara's special bush. It was right next to our front porch and gave lots of happiness.

Now we're at a new house without roses of happiness to say hello as we come and go--not that we're coming and going much these days--but I still like to be surrounded by happy things.

To solve that problem, we went to our local greenhouse (a small business that's still in business) to choose a new rose bush for Kara.

One bush turned into three as she decided I needed a bush, and we needed one more bush for another special person who is no longer with us.

We love the knock-out roses because they are hardy. To put that in other words, they are hard to kill.

Just put the bush in the ground, remember to water it a few times, and watch it take off. We whack off the bush every fall, and it comes back nicely in the spring.

In other attempts to prove my thumbs are a little bit green, I also got a few container plants at the greenhouse.

Will they grow? I don't know.

(If you listen carefully, you'll hear them be-bopping to "Stayin' Alive.")


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