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Is "Caroom" a Word in Scrabble?

Missed writing yesterday. It's technically tomorrow, which means I missed writing the day before yesterday, but I think it's still today since I haven't gone to bed yet.

Random happenings here:

  • Kal has a sharp, new haircut from Miss Jenna.

  • I have a new haircut, well, just a trim. Miss Jenna made me feel so pretty. I've been loving long hair but was done having it get caught in everything. It's still longish and ready to grow for who-knows-how-long until I remember to neaten it up.

  • Kara needed new pants. In her words, she had absolutely nothing to wear. I haven't seen anyone running around here with nothing on, so I'm pretty sure that was an exaggeration. Nonetheless, she did have a legitimate need for a few more pairs. Target filled that need.

  • Target is also the place you find all kinds of things you didn't know you needed until seeing them. Sequin fuzzy slippers? A need, of course.

  • Ginger Bunn spent the night last night in Kara's room. A little out of the ordinary. She normally sleeps in her crate in the kitchen. Tonight is Kal's turn to have her. Something fun for the kids.

  • We played Scrabble tonight with some friends, guys against gals. You know how your mind starts putting random letters together, and it all sounds reasonable, like it really should be a word? Is caroom a word? Yes, that actually was thrown into the mix as a possibility by the guys. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Of course, we have a history of made-up words with this couple. Towings is the all-time favorite. Dey looks made up but is an actual word. Perfect for the time in the game where we, the gals, put down 2 letters in such a way that we scored on 3 different words.

  • Sugar Sports is continuing on strongly this week, though we are tempering it with salads and vegetables here and there. Tonight's sugar event was chocolate pie from Aunt N. Very rich. The type of pie that needs to be savored.

  • I'm trying something I should have been doing all along: when I want to complain or gripe about someone in my mind--because that's usually where the complaints stay--I'm instead thinking of 3 things about that person for which to be grateful. I really don't want to become a bitter, angry old woman. Thankfulness displaces bitterness.

And that's all for now.

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