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Ice Cream and Father's Day

Walking into the ice cream and candy shop on the corner of the first floor at the Charley Creek Inn in Wabash, Indiana, feels like walking back into a 1920's shop.

Glass jars filled with every sort of candy and chocolate line the wood shelves and glass showcases.

You can find all the funny pops here that are hard to find elsewhere.

They have a freezer of ice cream flavors ready to go into waffle cones (also in glass jars).

The furniture is twisty wire with wood seats and table tops.


New day. I wrote what is above yesterday, then I woke up at 9:44 this morning. Church starts at 10:00. We found other ways to worship the Lord this morning. I needed that sleep, though.

I'm on hold with customer service right now. I probably have time to write 400 pages or so--all while listening to second-rate music piped in from a can-and-string play telephone.

I'm off hold now. That was unusually quick.

Happy Father's Day, Kris!

I thought Father's Day was last week. It's this week. Happy Father's Day, Kris.

Happy Father's Day also to my dad and father-in-law, both great men.

Kris and the kids whipped the middle and downstairs floors into shape while I worked on the upstairs today. Where I end up nagging endlessly (and I hate that), Kris can get the kids just to do it, whatever it is, especially when he's right in there with them doing the job.

The man voice helps for sure.

Kris also grilled some fabulous burgers for all of us. Even on Father's Day, he gets that job. I've proven more than once I can't be trusted with the grilling job. (Maybe that's on purpose, but hey, he feigns incompetence sometimes, too.)

We didn't have the grand, spectacular day that I've seen some on Facebook having. What we did have, though, was a day of love and laughter and working together.

That counts for a good day to me.


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